On Monday’s edition of RealAg Radio, with host Shaun Haney:

  • Today’s ag news, with Kelvin Heppner — a California jury has awarded $289 million in damages to a man who alleges Roundup herbicide caused his cancer
  • Marijke Van Andel of Syngenta on the importance of final plant stand counts in soybeans
  • Deb Campbell of Agronomy Advantage on pest issues facing Ontario growers, and the possibility of more wheat in the rotation next year
  • Kyle, Saskatchewan-area farmer Megz Reynolds discuss her tweet (see above) inviting politicians to ride along in the cab during harvest and the value in farmers reaching out to politicians

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One thought on “RealAg Radio, Aug 13: Glyphosate court decision, insect pests, & inviting politicians to ride along during harvest

  1. So there is much doubt about the science – who is paying for the science behind the bio-tech research touted. So much fear mongering on all sides. If there is no issue, and maybe I am wrong and over simplyfying a complex issue but where is third party transparent testing to back up Monsanto. Would that take the emotion out of the reccent court case. Goverment testing will not cut it alone for the anti-GMO crowd. The seed of doubt has been planted and it will keep growing if all involved are not completely transparent.

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