Yes, Guinness has a record for hay mowed in an eight hour period.

And a custom haying operator near Greeley, Colorado holds that record, as of July.

Tate Mesbergen says he was inspired to attempt breaking the record while visiting Agritechnica in Hanover, Germany last November, when he saw a Polish manufacturer advertising how its equipment had set a haying record of approximately 242 acres in eight hours.

“We were walking around the farm show and saw a banner claiming that another manufacturer held the world record for the most hectares harvested with a triple mower in an 8 hour period,” says Mesbergen. “I was with my dealer at the time and told him I thought I could break the record.”

On July 1, driving a Claas Axion 880 tractor with a Disco 1100 RC triple mower conditioner, Mesbergen put the pedal down — reaching a maximum field speed of 19 mph — and cut 348 acres in four different alfalfa fields in the next eight hours.

“The record is also very realistic because we did it on four different fields. We also had a rain shower the day before, so we had to adapt to that as well,” notes Claas’ Andreas Saile in the interview below.

Mesbergen averaged just under 44 acres per hour, while the alfalfa he was cutting yielded an average of 2.34 tons per acre.

More on the new haying record, with Claas’ Andreas Saile:

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