A Brazilian court has overturned an earlier injunction that would have banned the use of glyphosate, just as Brazilian farmers begin soybean planting.

On August 3, a Brazilian judge issued an injunction that halted registration of new glyphosate-containing products, and suspended registrations for existing glyphosate products after 30 days. The injunction also applied to products containing the insecticide abamectin and fungicide thiram.

On Monday, the 30-day deadline, a judge in a regional federal court in Brasilia issued a ruling suspending the injunction.

According to Reuters, Judge Kássio Marques said “nothing justifies the suspension and abrupt removal of registrations of products containing glyphosate, abamectin and thiram as active ingredients without an analysis of the serious impacts on the country’s economy and population in general.”

“This ruling is very good news for Brazilian growers, who count on glyphosate-based herbicides to control weeds and grow their crops safely and effectively,” said Liam Condon, president of Bayer’s Crop Science Division, in a statement. “Glyphosate helps farmers grow their crops with less of an impact on the soil and reduced carbon emissions.”

Bayer recently completed its acquisition of Monsanto, the company best known for selling glyphosate under its Roundup brand.

Glyphosate has been under increasing public scrutiny, including the Brazilian court injunction and a recent California jury decision, which Bayer and Monsanto say they plan to appeal.

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