Case IH adds auto-adjustment on new 250 series combines

Field conditions can change significantly during harvest, and although it would be nice to have experienced operators who are able to make the appropriate adjustments, sometimes it would be helpful if the combine could provide a little help to the person in the driver’s seat.

That’s what Case IH had in mind when it developed its new 250 series combines. Ryan Blasiak, harvest marketing manager with Case IH, was at the Farm Progress Show at Boone, Iowa, where the new combines were debuted. The first thing that Blasiak did was reassure long-time Case IH owners that the features they liked were still there.

Blasiak says “What we’ve done is taken those principles of the Axial-Flow Combine, the self-levelling cleaning system, the single rotor and we’ve improved upon that. So new for the 250 series this year we have an all new redesigned feeder house and … adjustable cage veins,” and several other improvements. (story continues below)

Blasiak says, “We have the ability to control that crop-mat through the machine … to spend less or more time in the threshing-separation area.” This can now all be controlled from inside the cab.

Blasiak outlines the new feature he likes most in the 250 series “My favourite thing which is the new AFS Harvest Command automation system.” There are over 16 different sensors to control seven different combine functions. Blasiak says, “With those16 sensors we’re controlling forward ground speed, rotor speed, fan speed, upper sieve, pre sieve lower sieve, and then lastly, we’re doing rotor cage angle position.”

The 250 series combine does not have to be benchmarked in order to establish optimal performance, Blasiak explains. “Ours is constantly optimizing that sample and what it seeing on that machine allows that inexperienced operator to be a seasoned professional and one of the things that I’ve found is that it helps coach you too.”

Blasiak says the 250 series combines will start shipping to dealers in the last quarter of 2018.


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