Marcel Kringe has taken his combine remote drop pan and separator east to show Ontario farmers how the innovation can reduce harvest losses.

Manitoba-based Kringe, who hatched the idea with a co-worker while working as a custom combine driver, brought the Bushel Plus combine calibration system to Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show (COFS) earlier this month. In this video, Kringe explains how the Bushel Plus system is used to reduce harvest losses and eliminate the dangerous practice of throwing a pan underneath a combine to collect a crop sample.

“It’s easier and safer for the farmer to keep more bushels in the bin and less in the field, says Kringe.

The Bushel Plus drop pan attaches with the use of magnets to any make of combine, in seconds . When the sample is collected, all that growers have to do is push a button on a remote control and the pan drops to the ground beneath the combine. Once the combine is clear of the drop spot, the pan is retrieved and the sample is quickly cleaned using the Bushel Plus separator. A small scale is then used to weigh the sample and determine losses right on the spot.

“Farmers are checking their losses on the combine, dialling them in better, making more money and their life is more safe,” says Kringe.

Growers who use the Bushel Plus system currently consult a conversion chart to determine bushel-per-acre loss. Kringe notes that Bushel Plus has plans to release an app that will do those calculations for growers on their phone and also allow growers to save their combine settings.

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