Rural broadband access is vital to rural Canada

Shaun Haney and Keith Currie, OFA, sit down to talk rural broadband at the 2018 Outdoor Farm Show

Our lives and businesses all depend on not just decent cell service, but also useful Internet speeds. It’s not just our homes and farms that need real Internet — the businesses and services farmers and ranchers depend on require high-speed Internet to stay competitive and relevant, too.

Those who live and work in rural areas know this, but the Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) is pushing for the provincial government to make rural broadband access the norm, as most of rural Ontario struggles with glacial-pace Internet.

Keith Currie, president of OFA, joined Shaun Haney on RealAg Radio live at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show this week, to talk about the sad state of rural Internet, the unique challenges for Ontario vs. the  Prairies, and what OFA hopes to see from this new provincial government in regards to infrastructure, including rural broadband.


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