Pre-harvest is actually a great time to get a handle on tough-to-kill weeds in the soybean crop or ahead of next year’s crop. But fall weed control takes a careful mix of planning, timing, and proper product selection or tank-mixing.

For those of you with weed escapes or poor control as a hangover from this year’s trying growing conditions, BASF business representative Ken Currah, says a pre-harvest product can be a useful tool. He adds, especially if the weather cooperates, but you need the right product and the right water volume to really paint the weeds with that product.

In this Soybean School episode, Currah talks with field editor Bernard Tobin about managing acres with white mould and the variability caused by it. “We like to say, ‘manage your best acres,'” Currah says, meaning you’re going to have to time that pre-harvest pass based on your best areas or the majority of the field, even if it’s variable.

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For post-harvest, Currah adds it’s a great idea to clean up those fields and get better control of the more challenging weeds. “They’re small in the fall. (This) presents a great opportunity to slow them down or stop them well ahead of next year’s crop,” he says.

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