The fall calf run is rolling and prices have been steady, and sometimes steady is really good. For five months or more, prices have held strong bucking the trend of somewhere during the calf run we stub our toe, either because of weather or logistics or some other issue.

What’s more, says Anne Wasko, of Gateway Livestock, we’re also sitting about $10/head higher than last year.

Wasko joins Shaun Haney on this early October edition of the Beef Market Update to talk about not just this fall run, and also strong demand from feeders, how basis is working into profitability, and how slaughter rates have packing plants running full out.

“It’s been big third quarter, with solid numbers that support the solid demand story,” says Wasko. Driving that demand has been a supportive retail price trend since early 2018, when beef prices started off higher, but from June onward have moved lower (down 3.5% vs. a year ago), and the consumer is voting with their wallet.

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