Year-to-date Canadian beef exports are up about 4%, and that’s just some of the good news Anne Wasko, market analyst for Gateway Livestock, has for us in this mid-October edition of the Beef Market Update.

Occasional host Lyndsey Smith and Wasko cover the most recent cattle on feed numbers for both Canada and the U.S. (spoiler alert: there’s a whole bunch of bovines in feedlots), what the cash market is doing in Western Canada in light of the all-important basis, and if we’re seeing the seasonal draw on fall calf run prices.

From there, the two also discuss some pretty neat numbers for year-to-date beef exports to August, 2018, including a 17% increase in sales to Japan, even ahead of a CPTPP trade deal. How significant IS the trade deal? Cattle producers could see a near tripling in the total value of beef sold under this trade pact, but, as Wasko and Smith discuss, can we grow the cow herd to serve this market? Listen below for more

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