RealAg Radio, Oct. 10: Cross-Canada farmer panel on harvest, and record U.S. beef exports

How’s the crop where you are? On today’s RealAg Radio show, Shaun Haney speaks to farmers from every neck of the woods to see where they’re at with this fall’s harvest.

News with Guse covers all your top ag news stories of the day, which includes a bit of a slowdown for propane delivery in Saskatchewan, the Livestock Forage Centre of Excellence grand opening, record-breaking beef exports in the U.S. and something related to Canadian agriculture history is up for sale. (Spoiler alert: You’ll need a good $875,000!)

Also on the show – it’s Wednesday, so it’s Rocky Talk! Rocky Mountain Equipment’s, Joel Hoehn, speaks with Shaun about how to properly store your DEF for the winter.

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