RealAg Radio, Oct. 5: CEW popping up in Ontario, Beef Market Update, and more ASF in China

Stock image. (Photo courtesy of Canada Beef Inc.)

What a week! Reaction continues to pour in over the new USMCA trade agreement, and RealAg Radio host Shaun Haney discusses the week that was with Ontario field editor Lyndsey Smith and Jeff English, public relations manager with ThinkShift.  They also get into which holiday is better, Thanksgiving or Christmas. Hear how that conversation started in yesterday’s show by clicking here.

To begin with though, all your top ag news stories of the day are covered in ‘News with Guse’. Topics include ASF in China, U.S. Ag Secretary Purdue saying the U.S. should not be so dependant on one export market like China, and a rise in the number of CEW cases in Ontario.

It’s Friday so Anne Wasko is in for the Beef Market Update. The calf market has been steady, which might not be “headline worthy” news but the cattle world is happy for the stability. Wasko says the market for calves is currently about $10 higher than this time last year.

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