MacDon is well known for its header offerings for cereal and pulse crops but, until now, it has not had a presence in the corn industry. That is all about to change.

MacDon recently acquired Harvest Tech which the company says will help expanded its product line into some additional areas. RealAgriculture’s Dale Leftwich had a chance to speak with Wayne Krowelski, dealer group manager of MacDon, at Agri-trade about the acquisition and the new C Series corn header.

Krowelski explains how this is a good business move for MacDon. “(We have) never been in the corn business. It’s a good fit for us because we’re in the soybean market with our draper header and where there’s soybeans there’s corn. So, for us it’s a perfect fit.”

Kowelski outlines some of the features on the unit. “You can get them in chopping or non-chopping; six, eight, twelve row configurations; twenty, twenty-two and thirty inch spacing.’

The header has the option of having mower blades attached to it to better manage stover. Krowelski says MacDon has a design advantage here as well. “The big advantage on ours is that we have our chopper situated as close to the front as possible. That gives a nice even chop and a consistent chop.”

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