New Eastern wheat class to replace four others

There will be a new Eastern wheat class starting next July, as the Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) continues to update its structure.

The Canada Eastern Other Wheat (CEOW) class was created to provide a class for varieties with unique characteristics and to allow producers to take advantage of special contracted varieties.

At the same time, the CGC will also be eliminating four wheat classes to reduce the cost of grain segregation in the commercial handling system. Those classes include:

  • Canada Eastern Red (CER)
  • Canada Eastern Hard White Winter (CEHWW)
  • Canada Eastern Soft White Spring (CESWS)
  • Canada Eastern Hard White Spring (CEHWS)

Although removed, farmers can still grow varieties that were registered in above classes and deliver them under contract to the CEOW class.

The changes were recommended to the CGC by the Eastern Standards Committee. According to the news release, the committee is comprised of stakeholders from across the grain value chain, to help facilitate the introduction of unique opportunities for producers and the grain industry.


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