New wide spectrum herbicide approved by PMRA

There’s a new option for those having to deal with pesky weeds in Canada. The Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) has cleared the way for a new pre-seed/pre-emerge herbicide for use on lentils, field peas, soybeans, and corn.

BASF’s new Heat Complete will be available for producers for next year’s crop season. The herbicide  has both Group 14 and 15 modes of action to kill tough weeds, such as cleavers, volunteer canola, kochia, and wild buckwheat. The product also has extended residual activity on broadleaf and grass weeds, such as redroot pigweed and wild oats, allowing for better efficacy of in-crop applications, the company says.

Dan Packer, pulse crop manager at BASF Agricultural Solutions Canada, calls the product a “cornerstone” for their advanced weed control program.

“Through this program we provide Canadian farmers with a complete weed control and resistance management strategy by using multiple modes of effective action, residual weed control, and herbicide layering. Also, growers who follow the Advanced Weed Control recommendation receive a higher level of product support from BASF, for example, on resistant weeds,” Packer says in a news release.


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