Alberta cattle producers vote for refundable check-off, unofficial results show

Although it’s still in the early stages of results, the plebiscite vote in regards to the service charge model for Alberta Beef Producers (ABP) show 51.3 per cent are in favour of a refundable check-off model.

The vote took place between October 19th to November 27th, and, of the 1,874 votes, only four ballots were spoiled.

“We would have liked to see more producers vote in the plebiscite, but we appreciate the interest and effort of those who did vote. In a democracy, decisions are made by the people who participate and as we’ve said all along, Alberta Beef Producers will honour the decision made by producers and the service charge will remain refundable,” says Charlie Christie, ABP chair in a news release.

The results remain unofficial until roughly after December 11th, as producers have up until then to contest the vote by challenging the voting process to the Returning Officer (MNP). However, as stated in the above quote by Christie, ABP intends to abide by the decision of producers.

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