Today on RealAg Radio, host Shaun Haney hones in on some very important issues to agriculture and rural communities. Whether it’s the economy, trade, the opioid crisis, or political issues, we have you covered today on the show.

You’ll hear from:

  • Former federal minister of agriculture Gerry Ritz on trade issues and a few other issues impacting agriculture;
  • Carly Weeks, health reporter at the Globe and Mail, on the realities of opioid addiction, hospitalization, and fatalities in smaller Canadian communities;  Carly recently wrote a story showcasing that opioid related hospitalizations are much more likely in communities under 100,000 than over 500,000; and,
  • Kelsey Johnson, editor of The Sprout newsletter at iPolitics, discusses Canada’s China challenges with another Canadian detained, USMCA ratification challenges and Alberta says “whatever” to Trudeau.

If you have any feedback on the show or have a story idea, you can email Shaun at [email protected] or call the RealAg listener line, 855.776.6147.

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