How quickly the weather can turn, as just the beginning of this week the winter weather in Saskatchewan was mild — but by the end of the week, Anne Wasko, of the Gateway Livestock Exchange, was bundled up battling the deep freeze at the Saskatchewan Beef Industry Conference held in Regina.

That’s where we kick off this latest edition of the Beef Market Update, even as RealAg Radio host, Shaun Haney sits out a snow storm in eastern Ontario.

Saskatchewan isn’t the only area dealing with some winter woes, as blizzards and poor winter conditions in cattle feeding regions buoyed cattle prices — something Wasko says hasn’t happened in quite some time.

There’s encouraging upward momentum in live cattle trade and prices, as April looks up 10 per cent nearly year over year. Demand has also surpassed  our best expectations in 2018 — can we count on a repeat for 2019? So much hinges on the U.S./China relationship, and how consumers are feeling about their pocketbook here at home, Wasko says.

Hear that discussion, plus more on the beef markets, missing USDA reports, and more, here:

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