So close to Friday, yet so far. Today’s RealAg Radio show has host Shaun Haney and news lead, Jessika Guse, discuss the top ag news stories of the day. Those include Canada’s ambassador to China speaking a tad out of line (which he has now apologized for), a new program unveiled today to help those bringing in temporary foreign workers, EA sports decision to bring Farming Simulator in a league and players could win up to $100,000 euros, and much more.

Also, after about a six month hiatus, Guse gets to ask Haney his opinion on certain topics in a segment dubbed, Buying or Selling?

To talk about his column, Haney brings on Dr. Sylvain Charlebois to discuss the politics behind the new Canada Food Guide that was unveiled this week. Then to round things off, Peter ‘Wheat Pete’ Johnson, joins Haney to talk about the latest agronomic questions being asked with plant 2019 around the corner.

Do you love corn? Maybe soybeans or canola is more your cup of tea… Well head over to RealAgriculture’s Series section to watch the latest videos with those who have the best knowledge in the industry!

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