It’s the last day of January and the last day of FarmTech! Today’s, RealAg Radio show is a special one as news lead Jessika Guse gets to host the show for the very first time.

Today’s guests include:

•Tasha Kheiriddin, from the global news radio network, discusses all things politics, and what the key issues of this year’s election will be
•Kevin Serfas, farmer, explains new trucking laws that are about to come into effect in Alberta that will be not only costly, but also very time consuming and it’s somewhat being pushed through by the Alberta government very quietly
•Jack Bobo, of Intrexon, talks about his speech at FarmTech on how sustainable agriculture is necessary to feed us, and the planet
•Lesley Kelly, co-founder of the Do More Ag Foundation, speaks about the importance of mental health and the organization’s one year anniversary

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