Although details are limited at this time, Alberta Pork has announced a second hog operation has tested positive for porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDv). This is the second time ever in the history for Alberta to have PEDv; both cases of the disease have been found this year.

The farrow-to-finish operation of more than 600 head reported the case of PEDv to Alberta Pork this month, and since then an investigation has begun. Alberta Pork says at this time it’s uncertain whether the first and second reported cases of PEDv are linked in any way.

Last month the serious disease, which causes pigs to have frequent and severe diarrhea, was found at a 400 head operation.

Producers are being reminded that any place off-farm, such as an abattoir or loading site, should be considered as a potential source for bringing any disease to your herd, adding that it’s pertinent to review your farms’ biosecurity policies regularly.

Alberta Pork also advises producers  to consult your veterinarian before making shipping decisions as a precaution if herd health issues are suspected.

PEDv does not pose any risk to human health. Neither case of PEDv found in Alberta has caused any food safety concerns.

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