Why do U.S. farmers support President Donald Trump so much?

It’s the most common question I get from the audience following a keynote. At one time, I thought the answer would evolve along with his support based on trade and ethanol policies. I was wrong, and I am totally willing to admit it. Previously, just after the 2016 election, through the NAFTA talks and even early in the China trade war, I thought President Trump really had a window of time to prove his theories from his gut were right, and in the long-term agriculture would immensely benefit.

I was wrong.

Even up until two weeks ago while appearing on the AgriTalk free-for-all, I heard other panelists say that, “Trump needs a win” and “he only has so much time before farmers lose patience.”

I blurted out, “I’m sorry, I do not believe that.”

After some deeper thought after my outburst, I still think I’m right. Here’s why.

There are external factors and qualitative factors that have cemented farmers’ and the president’s love for each other:

  • Appointment of conservative judges
  • Pealing back of environmental regulations like the Waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule.
  • President Trump visits the rural parts of America continually, which is really not that common.
  • Trump’s swagger and attitude towards other countries, whether they are allies or enemies, makes people proud to be American.
  • As the Democratic party attempts to move further left there is no alternative option for rural America.

There is data to support my opinion. At the end of January, Farm Journal Pulse asked growers, “When it comes to issues impacting agriculture, do you approve of the job President Donald Trump is doing?  The results showed that 77% of farmers support the President.

As President Trump gets closer to his 2020 re-election campaign, both farmers and the President know that they have each other’s back.

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