Achieve safe handling, planter-like precision distribution with SeedMaster's UltraPro II On-Frame Tank


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When it comes to seeding high-value seed, targeting an ideal plant population is key to maximizing yield potential while managing input costs. The more confidence farmers have in the accuracy of the seeding pass, the more dialed-in that chosen seeding rate can be.

SeedMaster has unveiled its UltraPro II On-Frame Tank (UPII) metering system and put it head-to-head with competitor’s systems to compare row-by-row distribution variance and seed handling damage.

Anthony Biglieni, sales and dealer development manager for SeedMaster, says the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute (PAMI) research showed that SeedMaster’s UPII row-to-row distribution variance across the unit was as low as 3.2% for canola. Biglieni says achieving this planter-like precision across the entire width of a drill, even at 50, 60 and 70 feet means famers can choose their seeding rates with confidence.

That perfect, uniform metered rate across the drill also comes with lower seed damage, a credit to the design of the system. Unlike other distribution systems, seed travels about a third of the traditional distance with the on-frame UPII vs. current common systems. On average, Biglieni says seed travels only about 35 feet for a 70-foot drill vs a similar tow-behind unit, where seed could travel up to 115 feet. That extra distance requires a higher air speed, increasing the risk of damage or bunching, and the UPII system doesn’t have a primary or secondary tower to damage seed, either.

Especially on small seed, such as canola, the UPII metering systems means more precise air flow, gentle handling, and fine-tuned distribution row-by-row, he says.

Listen below as Anthony Biglieni discusses SeedMaster’s UltraPro II On-Frame Tank.


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