Coming this spring—the ultimate burndown product


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New Inferno Trio Herbicide offers unprecedented burndown weed control in wheat.

This spring, Arysta LifeScience Canada will launch Inferno Trio Herbicide for use in spring wheat. The new product will be available in limited supply this year, and be widely available by 2020, according to Trent McCrea, Arysta LifeScience Portfolio Marketing Manager for Canada.

Inferno Trio will build on five years of success with its predecessor, Inferno Duo Herbicide. Both products contain flucarbazone, a highly successful Group 2 that provides growers extended control of key grass weeds like wild oat and green foxtail.

In addition, Inferno Trio contains florasulam and carfentrazone for enhanced and extended control of hard-to-kill broadleaf weeds, including Group 2 and Group 9 resistant kochia, cleavers, wild buckwheat, and all types of canola volunteers, including Roundup Ready canola.

“Inferno Trio is going to be a really valuable product to use when growers are in a hurry,” says McCrea. “Inferno Trio is a concentrated, easy to use, liquid formulation. One 3.24-litre jug of Inferno Trio treats 80 acres.”

McCrea continues: “It is very easy to mix in the tank with glyphosate or surfactant which makes Inferno Trio very user-friendly. Having a package that’s convenient, simple, easy to use, and quick to disperse in the tank will be a nice advantage for growers.”

Defeating Resistance

Inferno Trio controls grass and broadleaf weeds that can be up to 10 cm tall or 10 cm across. When mixed with glyphosate, the unique combination of four active ingredients has three modes of action—Group 2, Group 9, and Group 14—for effective resistance management.

Inferno Trio is registered to control all types of volunteer canola, barley, and wheat. It controls barnyard grass, downy brome, green foxtail, giant foxtail, Persian darnel, and wild oat—including Group 1 resistant biotypes. Finally, it is a complete burndown solution for 30 broadleaf weeds, including herbicide-resistant variations.

Brian Schilling, Arysta LifeScience Product Development Manager for Canada, tests performance and closely monitors weed issues facing growers.

“Weed resistance is a growing issue across the Prairies,” Schilling says. “Resistant kochia is becoming a serious problem. Kochia became resistant to Group 2 and then to Group 9 (glyphosate) herbicides. Even Inferno Duo mixed with glyphosate can struggle to control resistant kochia. We met that issue by expanding the chemistry.”

Carfentrazone and florasulam now extend the control on broadleaf weeds and use Group 14 action to support resistance management.

“We added a Group 14 kochia killer, carfentrazone, to boost the Group 2 and Group 9 kochia control. When we added florasulam, we gained both contact and extended broadleaf, particularly for canola volunteers and redroot pigweed,” Schilling says.

Unprecedented Control

Western Canada’s new burndown product for protecting spring wheat will be unprecedented, according to Schilling.

Schilling says, “Inferno Trio gives very broad grass and broadleaf weed control. It controls Group 1 resistant wild oat along with Group 2 and Group 9 resistant kochia, plus cleavers, wild buckwheat, and all types of volunteer canola. The broad-spectrum control, support for managing weed resistance, and extended control of key weeds make Inferno Trio the ultimate burndown product.”

For more information about Inferno Trio, click here.


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