More than 860 trucks rolled into Regina to protest carbon tax

Trucks from across the Prairies rallied in support of getting rid of the carbon tax on Thursday. More than 860 trucks converged on Regina and came from all corners of Saskatchewan as well as from Alberta and Manitoba.

The purpose of the event was to let Ottawa know farmers and those in the oil industry find the carbon tax detrimental to their everyday jobs and livelihood.

Organizer Jason LeBlanc was one of the four main speakers at the event. Premier Scott Moe, Conservative Party candidate in the Regina-Wascana riding, Michael Kram, and Weyburn local businessman, Dan Cugnet also spoke at the rally.

LeBlanc, who farms in the Estevan area says he’s fed up with the current federal government structure and tired of not being heard from the Trudeau government. After being frustrated by by the prime minister at a townhall meeting, LeBlanc had enough, and decided to head to Ottawa in February.

“Again, we didn’t get an answer, he (Justin Trudeau) refuses to be involved within the agriculture sector, and I felt we were just getting beat up,” LeBlanc says.

So that’s where the idea for the Regina rally was sparked from and the rest is now (potentially) in the Guinness World Record books. Currently, the largest parade of trucks is held by VTL (Netherlands) in Dronten, Netherlands, on November 6, 2004, where 416 trucks were in a convoy. LeBlanc says’s they’re still crunching numbers on exactly how many people attended.

Listen below to the full interview between RealAgriculture’s Jessika Guse and Regina’s Rally Against Carbon Tax organizer, Jason LeBlanc.

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  1. Seeing the thousands of Sea-cans hauled by the railways from likely China, why not halt this goods inflow into our country ’til the canola issue is solved. Our export crop is stopped your export crop is stopped!

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