Canadian combine purchases see massive drop since this time last year: AEM

Combine sales in Canada have dropped a whopping 26.7 per cent compared to the same time last year according to the Association of Equipment Manufacturing (AEM) April report.  Meanwhile, south of the border, sales for combines were down slightly by 4.2 per cent.

When it comes to farm tractors sold in Canada last month, sales in total only dropped by 2.5 per cent; however, 40 to 100 horsepower two wheel drive tractors took the brunt of the decline.

To break it down further, those tractors saw an overall decline of 25.3 per cent for April, while two wheel drive tractors with more than 100 horsepower dropped 20.1 per cent. On the plus side, two wheel drive tractors with less than 40 horsepower had a 16.1 per cent increase.

Four wheel drive tractors had the biggest slump year to date, with a decline of 27.6 per cent and a decline of 15.7 per cent for the same time last year for the month of April.

Down in the U.S. AEM calls it another solid month for sales, as four wheel drive tractor sales surged by 32.2 percent, while farm tractors overall were up by 12 per cent. Combine sales were down by only 4.2 per cent.

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