Chances are, if you live in Ontario, it’s wet, cold, or a combination of both in your neck of the woods and farmers are itching to get out and plant. Not to worry, you’re not alone according to Peter ‘Wheat Pete’ Johnson in this episode of the Word.

Johnson says there are a lot of re-plants going on, and many are asking, “what should we re-plant to?” Not to worry, as he covers that in this episode, along with questions surrounding nitrogen-starved wheat and if yield is lost, a quick sulphur update, and when should a farmer switch corn hybrids.

As seeding is underway for most of the nation, Johnson says a lot of equipment is getting stuck and that’s because of wet weather and stressed farmers. He says to “have a little patience!” and that yes it’s May, but if you’re getting stuck in the field it probably means it’s still a tad too cold to be planting.

Have a question you’d like Johnson to address? Or some yield results to send in? Disagree with something he’s said? Leave him a message at 1-888-746-3311, send him a tweet (@wheatpete), or email him at [email protected].

Manitoba is rolling on dry ground, however, and one person that’s not stuck is Kevin Judd, who farms near Elkhorn, Man.

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