A new seed treatment for protection against early season pests of canola will be available from Syngenta next season. The company announced the approval of its Fortenza Advanced label this week that combines two seed-applied insecticides in one product, and is an alternative to neonicotinoid seed treatments.

The product offers protection from both striped and crucifer flea beetles, as well as cutworms, the company says. Insecticide ingredients include sulfoxaflor (Group 4A) and cyantraniliprole (Group 28).

“Feeding by flea beetles and cutworms can result in uneven emergence, thin plant stands, delayed crop development, and uneven maturity, leading to lower yield potential. Feeding sites can also act as entry points for disease-causing pathogens, further threatening canola yields,” says Karen Ullman, seedcare and inoculant product lead for Syngenta Canada.

“Fortenza Advanced gives canola producers peace of mind with industry-leading flea beetle protection, and can help reduce the likelihood a farmer will have to spray a foliar insecticide early in the season,” she adds.

Fortenza Advanced will be available on commercially treated canola seed for the 2020 growing season.

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