Canada’s Farm Progress Show (CFPS) is well underway, and, with it, a much-needed rain for southern Saskatchewan, where crops are struggling.

“Probably the first thing that I’ve seen in a long time is our first seeded crops are actually our worst looking crops, and our last seeded crops look fantastic,” says Decisive Farming’s Garth Donald, “so this rain is going to put bushels in the bin with those for sure.”

Donald joined Shaun Haney for a conversation on drought for day one of CFPS, advising producers to look long-term when making management decisions.

  • Continue to manage weeds, he says, as, unless you’re retiring, you’re likely to be seeding again next year.
  • Take care of field fertility, and consider top dressing as an option.
  • Get into your fields – “So the biggest thing you could do to save you money is actually putting your shadow on that crop, and looking at it instead of just broad-basing.” Producers who did fly-by scouts this year were likely caught off guard by flea beetles, cutworms, and quickly maturing pulse crops.
  • Consider chemical options, as there are economical pesticides out there, you just have to know the weeds you’re dealing with (see above point).

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