It’s a stressful time for producers across the Canada. Please, do what you need to do to support your mental health during this challenging time.

Today, on the show:

  • Top ag news – RealAgriculture’s Jessika Guse guides us through trade, tariffs, rail, and more.
  • Product spotlight – RealAgriculture’s Lyndsey Smith speaks to Trent Nowosad of Case IH on this year’s seeding season, and the company’s new double shoot drill.
  • Pasture conditions – Saskatchewan Stock Growers’ Chad MacPherson breaks down the drought, and its impacts on pastures and livestock across the province.
  • Spraying – Tom Wolf, Sprayers 101, joins the show to discuss how spray applications are impacted by: drought, off-label rates, and smoke. Plus, a discussion on chemicals “gumming up” in the sprayer.

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