Tesla pick up truck: Would you buy one?

On the farm, the variety of pick up trucks is pretty narrow as most farmers are very loyal to the American automakers. Chevrolet, Dodge, or Ford can be found on most farms —  is there room for a new entrant?

Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, is promoting the idea of a Tesla pick up truck hitting the market with the performance of Porsche and durability and towing capacity of a Ford F-150, for US$49,000. The ultimate promoter, Musk is looking to tap into the rural areas of the United States and Canada with his electric vehicle technology.

Electric vehicles and power don’t usually go hand-in-hand for growers, but people used to think the same thing about electric and speed.

Musk has been promoting the Tesla pick up truck for over a year without any disclosure of release timelines. No doubt it will take some major leaps in innovation of features and performance, plus a higher density of charging stations throughout the rural countryside to get farmers and ranchers to buy in. In 2018, Tesla had just 2.03% of the U.S. vehicle market.

In terms of brand loyalty, people probably thought Toyota and Nissan had no chance either when they introduced trucks. At one time people thought Motorola and Blackberry had a stranglehold on the cell phone market, and both companies were shattered by innovation and features.

What do you think? If you CLICK HERE, you can participate in our three question survey on whether you would consider buying a Tesla pick up truck. As a thank you for answering the survey, you’ll be entered to win a RealAg hoodie!

2 thoughts on “Tesla pick up truck: Would you buy one?

  1. Access to charging stations is probably the biggest limiter to their adoption. On-farm solar panels and batteries may be required to make such a thing viable. This brings up the question of what % of farms have adopted solar panels, or have access to cheap power?

  2. I am very much interested at this point and time. I love innovation and this is coming along as I am basically starting to look for a replacement of my existing truck. Iwould really like to learn more about the Tesla pickup truck. Please keep me posted

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