A familiar name in the 80s and 90s, the Concord brand will be seen again on seed drills and carts since the company’s reviving of the name announced last year.

Ben Sander, marketing manager with Concord, was on hand at the 2019 Ag in Motion show near Saskatoon, Sask., to highlight what’s new on the 5250 air cart that bears the old Concord name. The cart had a limited release for 2019, and a full roll out will happen in 2020.

Sander says the air cart offers sectional control with the company’s Zone Right meters, in four sections. The simple design makes the cart easy to work with, he says, and the low complexity keeps the cost down too.

Available with single or dual shoot runs, Sander also says any parts that touch fertilizer are stainless steel, designed to decrease corrosion and bridging risk. See more on the new air cart, below:

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