Instead of showing off a brand new product at this year’s Ag in Motion, Vaderstad and SeedHawk were showing off a brand new partnership.

Phillip Korczak, one of Saskatchewan’s regional sales manger’s for Vaderstad, explains they paired the Vaderstad Tempo TPL 24 seeder with the SeedHawk 660 air tank due to demand from customers wanting to do everything in the field in one pass.

“We’re mating a Tempo planter, which we’ve had for several years, that we’re using for canola. One of the main reasons farmers are interested in it for canola is that we’re going to take it, and we’re going to cut your seed savings essentially, for that unit, pretty realistically by two pounds to the acre if not more,” Korczak says.

“Usually when I talk to a farmer about it, one of the questions that they always ask is, ‘Well how do I do my fertilizer delivery?’ because farmers are so used to doing a one-pass fertilizer delivery with the systems that are out there. What we did this past spring is, we took an existing SeedHawk tank, in this case a 660 bushel tow-between tank and we paired it up now with the Tempo planter for our bulk fertilizer delivery in one pass.”

Currently, a farmer can purchase either the seeder or air tank separately; however, Korczak explains, they’re still conducting trials of the pairing that will happen again next spring and they’re hoping for a few more farmers to sign up for trials in western Canada.

Learn more about the new pairing in the video below that features Vaderstad’s Phillip Korczak, and RealAgriculture’s Jessika Guse.

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