For those looking for hand’s free, low-stress sheep and goat handling, the New Zealand designed, UK-manufactured Combi Clamp offers an efficient way to process many sheep and goats very quickly.

The Combi Clamp, distributed by Huber Ag Equipment, uses an operator’s weight to clamp animals between panels, operated via a foot treadle plate.

“It allows us to run our sheep through in a less stressful way, and sheep like to see the one in front of them going through, so we can use it for all applications except for full-body shearing,” says Myrna Huber, of Huber Ag Equipment, adding it’s used in crutching, weighing, drenching, vaccinating, sorting, hoof trimming, and for conducting pregnancy ultrasounds.

The Combi Clamp is adjustable and can be used for lambs, through to rams and is gentle enough for use with pregnant ewes. It also eliminates the need for sheep handlers to stoop — saving wear and tear on the sheep farmer, too.

Huber Ag Equipment first brought the handling system to Canada two years ago and is the sole distributor in the country. The base set up retails for about $5,400 plus shipping and has several additional accessories.

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