It’s not very often one would see lego at a farming event; but, at this year’s Ag In Motion (AIM), held just outside of Saskatoon, Sask., one very creative lego piece couldn’t go unnoticed.

Luke Silinski of Ag Tech Steam, created a scaled-down version of the autonomous machine Dot, and had the model on showcase at AIM.

“My mom came to me one day and said, ‘Hey Luke! You should go check out (Dot) and it’s an autonomous platform and I know you love autonomy’…so I checked it out and was just like, man, that sounds awesome!”

Silinski says the first prototype was a lot smaller, but, with the help of his father, he has since created a larger version with detachable parts.

Going forward he plans to build all of Dot’s corresponding implements.

Check out Silinski’s mini-Dot for yourself in the interview below:

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