Horsch is looking to address fertilizer volume limitations in planting by pairing a 12,000-litre granular cart with its Maestro planter.

“For the past few years we’ve seen a lot of popularity and had a lot of success with promoting our Maestro planters here in Western Canada for planting canola,” says Jeremy Hughes, product manager with Horsch, in the following video, filmed at Saskatchewan’s Ag in Motion.

Hughes says though the planter offers in-furrow liquid fertilizer, some farmers would like the option to use higher volumes.

“So we’ve paired up the Maestro planter with our 12,000-litre – or basically around 340-bushel – granular cart, in order to have a liquid fertilizer option on the Maestro.”

The prototype combination unit is seeing some positive results, says Hughes, adding it offers two compartments on the back, a full ISOBUS control system, blockage systems, and 15-inch row spacing for canola.

For customers interested in the prototype combination unit, Hughes recommends staying tuned to local dealers.

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