If you have a goal or a vision, how do you push past adversity and make what needs to happen, happen?

Karl Subban, motivational speaker, educator, and father of five, says that the key to getting where you want to go is to believe in the power of your own potential. That’s where our success starts, he says.

Subban spoke at the recent Canadian Beef Industry Conference at Calgary, Alta., and shared not only about how beef fuelled his large family physically but also how believing in our own potential allows us to grow and develop our goals and dreams.

It comes down to our potential being supported by three things: our dreams, our beliefs, and our actions — what Subban calls a three-legged stool of potential. These three things are needed to develop to overcome mistakes and setbacks and to overcome fear and distractions.

From there, achieving our goals and dreams take the Four Ts — time, tasks, training (you don’t get better overnight, you get better over time), and team. It’s tough to accomplish our grand dreams without a team, Subban says. The bigger the dream, the bigger the team needed to make it all happen.

“Our potential is our gift at birth …when we develop it, it becomes our gift to the world,” Subban says.

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