As an industry, agriculture rarely makes it into mainstream media. When it does, many within agriculture lament that it’s a negative story, heavily biased, or poorly researched and too basic.

Toban Dyck is someone who wears many hats. He serves as director of communications for the Manitoba Pulse & Soybean Growers, but he’s also a new grain farmer and a journalist. In his role as farmer and writer, he’s one who has made that leap and pushed to have more authentic agriculture coverage in mainstream media.

Dyck has written about the challenges of farming, policy issues, pesticide use and more for the National Post, Maclean’s magazine and more. In the audio below, Toban joins RealAgriculture field editor Lyndsey Smith to discuss how he managed to write for these publications, the challenges facing new farmers, and how he manages the — sometimes very heated — feedback from readers.

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