Egg just for breakfast? That’s a thing of the past, according to a new national campaign by the Egg Farmers of Canada. In its new marketing platform the organization has created a funny spin on why “it’s not weird” to have eggs for lunch or dinner.

“We want to reframe the way Canadians think about eggs,” says Judi Bundrock, chief marketing and communications officer of Egg Farmers of Canada. “Eggs have long been loved as a breakfast favourite and this campaign is about getting Canadians to question why they can’t enjoy eggs at any time of the day. With consumers increasingly looking for whole, healthy protein sources, the new campaign encourages Canadians to enjoy eggs at new meals, including lunch and dinner.”

Consumers will start to see the new ads on television along with social media and other online platforms.

According to a news release, the campaign marks the first time in a long time the organization is taking such an active approach in promoting eggs for all meal occasions.

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