Salford’s BBI Sniper – a high clearance, high capacity fertilizer spinner spreader – is out on full release this year.

The Sniper offers applicators a wide application, with a 12-section spread pattern, reducing overlap, and avoiding unnecessary application and/or application in environmentally sensitive areas.

“It’s capable of spreading urea from 120 feet down to 30 feet, with 12 sections,” says Salford Group’s Josh Fields. “It has a digital weigh scale for metering, giving you precise metering throughout your spreading, and it’s capable of keeping the pattern nice and flat and even…”

A step above the company’s BBI Javelin, Sniper provides automatic spread pattern adjustment and swath control following prescription application targets. Its high capacity single-axle is adjustable from 90 to 120 inches, giving farmers the option to use it for top-dressing.

“This is out in the market now,” says Salford Group’s Scott Ousdahl. “It was launched with limited release last year, full release this year.”

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