Farmers who buy Brevant and Pioneer Hi-Bred seed had a chance to choose the Liberty Link trait for the first time in 2019.

Up until now, Corteva’s lines (formerly Dow and DuPont) offered RoundUp Ready and Clearfield traits.

As Trevor Herzog, Pioneer Hi-Bred agronomist for Corteva Agriscience, explains, the inclusion of the Liberty Link traits in Brevant and Pioneer Hi-Bred genetics offers growers another tool in the tool box to “keep weeds guessing,” when it comes to weed control options.

The approval to move Liberty Link into Pioneer and Brevant canola products received its final approval this last winter, making 2019 the first year that growers could access the seed offering. Herzog says that it’s also allowed the company to run side-by-side comparisons of varieties to judge emergence and vigour, and take notes on these new lines.

Herzog says farmers can look forward to improved yield performance and agronomic traits and strong disease packages with the Liberty Link Brevant and Pioneer Hi-Bred lines.

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