Producers can begin preparing for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s (CFIA) proposed regulation changes to livestock identification and traceability, despite the uncertainty around the rules’ implementation. But first, they might consider taking a look at the regulations as they stand, and how to access the information they need going forward.

“Current regulations require producers to replace tags that have been lost,” says Lisa Pawlick, field specialist with the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency (CCIA). “And the other thing that’s currently required, federally, is that you report retired events – so any time an animal dies on your farm you need to report that.”

According to some of the CFIA’s proposed regulations, producers in the future will be required to report livestock movements and death of animals in seven days, rather than 30. (article continues below player)

According to the CCIA, producers can begin to prepare for the proposed regulations by ensuring they have a valid premises identification number; voluntarily completing movement documents to accompany livestock leaving the premises; logging into, exploring, and updating their Canadian Livestock Tracking System (CLTS) account; beginning to report movement of animals; and learning more about the traceability requirements for livestock producers.


“Everybody knows that (the CLTS is) there, people know that they have to go out and buy tags, they just don’t necessarily log into our database,” says Lisa Pawlick, field specialist with the CCIA.

According to Pawlick, producers looking to find their credentials need to call the head office (1-877-909-2333).

In addition, says Pawlick, the CLTS has revamped their MOBO app, offering producers a more intuitive experience, with a whole new look and feel. Through the app, producers can submit animal birthdates, movement, and retire and dispose events. It also offers barcode and tag reader scanning, as well as an offline mode for those pastures with lacklustre reception.


One thought on “5 ways to prepare for CFIA’s proposed livestock traceability regulation changes

  1. CFIA is not a true tracebility source for live animals. Animals change hands everyday producers are getting pissed off with extra costs of these tags plus the labour and the hassile . Tagging bulls and fast cows is danger. Producers are getting older, hired help,neighbors are some of the things we are dealing with. Who needs a bgroken arm or crushed hand from the chute .Discontinue these regulations,put a brand or metal tag on the animal with your name engraved jn tag .CFIA has not helped producers .CFIA has cost producers billions in administration , more labour and has driven the small producer out of business.

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