Activists trespass on to Alberta turkey farm prompting response from agriculture minister

On Labour Day Monday a turkey farm in Southern Alberta had to deal with trespassing animal activists attempting to bring media attention to the way turkeys are raised. About 30 protesters descended on to Jumbo Valley Colony by camping out along the wall in the turkey barn. The protestors demanded for the media to be let into the barn to show what they called “poor living conditions.”

On Twitter, farmers expressed strong words for the activist trespassing and their tactics.

“It’s a shame that there is not more of a legal deterrent for this kind of blatant trespassing by activists,” says RealAgriculture founder, Shaun Haney.

On Monday night, Alberta’s Minster of Agriculture and Forestry, Devin Dreeshen tweeted about the incident:

In a Global News video, Mark Tschetter of Jumbo Valley Colony mentions that he has nothing to hide in his free range system, challenging anyone to find a better way to raise turkeys.

Haney sums up this kind of activism by stating, “this is not about raising turkeys in improved ways, it’s about stopping animal agriculture all together. Agriculture must stand up to this kind of behaviour.”

2 thoughts on “Activists trespass on to Alberta turkey farm prompting response from agriculture minister

  1. We have a legal system for trespassing let’s out it to practise and charge these people plus going into a bio security place which could cause danger to the birds. Our Government and legal system needs some balls

  2. Only in Canada that minority law breakers can get away with these antics, proof how government talks but never acts. Because they are one of the same!

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