Fine-tuning the combine at harvest results in more bushels in the bin and fewer volunteers in future years, but calibrating losses isn’t always convenient, and during busy harvest season it might be an overlooked or rushed step.

The Bushel Plus harvest loss measurement system was designed to address this challenge, so that measuring grain out the back of the combine is just as easy and managing what goes in the front end. Capable of measuring harvest losses of wheat, barley, rye, canola, corn, soybeans, edible beans, rice, and small grass seeds, the magnet and remote-controlled catch bin and separator was launched late last year.

Marcel Kringe, with Bushel Plus, says the company has added a feature this year — the Bushel Plus app — that zips harvest loss information directly to your smartphone or tablet for making on-the-go harvest loss adjustments.

Listen/watch below for more about the Bushel Plus system and app: 

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