Draper headers have earned a reputation for moving a smooth, steady flow of crop through the combine feeder house head first.

It’s a key factor that helps draper heads increase harvesting rates by more than 25 per cent, says Caleb Schleder, AGCO harvesting tactical marketing manager. “With the new 9300 DynaFlex draper header, farmers get those same benefits plus some convenience features to make harvesting easier, says Schleder who was on hand to unveil the new header at the Farm Progress Show last month at Decatur, Illinois.

In this video, Schleder notes that the 9300 Series draper headers are available in 30-, 35-, 40-, and 45-foot lengths to optimize crop throughput and harvesting efficiency. The headers feature a 41-inch-wide draper conveying belt, which allows the crop heads to face the same direction, improving crop flow, feeding and threshing, he adds. (Story continues after the video.)

Schleder explains that the new DynaFlex headers feature two cutting heights to optimize grain harvest across variable field terrain and to accomodate different crop types, including a rigid high-cut option for canola or wheat and a flex low-cut option for soybeans. The 9300 Series also offers optional factory-installed transport wheels for easy field-to-field transport.

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