Machinery is continuously changing, and as many are sitting on the combines for harvest 2019 and potentially fighting with specific problems, they are wondering what’s next for 2020.

RealAgriculture’s Bernard Tobin caught up with Matt Badding, international sales manager with John Deere, for an update on what producers can expect from John Deere combines next year.

One of the main highlights that growers can expect is a new residue package for the combines.

“[It allows the producer to] actually actuate the knife banks. So we can take that knife bank in and out, form directly inside the cab,” explains Badding.

Alongside the residue package, John Deere has also added moisture sensors that don’t require calibration โ€” which can speed up your harvest time โ€” as well as Badding’s personal favourite, an addition of 12 inches upward to the unloading auger.

“Grain carts aren’t getting any smaller, so we need to go ahead and make sure that we can handle as we go through some swells or some creeks or anything like that, that we’ve got that unloading auger up just a little bit higher.”

Check out more in the video filmed at Farm Progress Show, below:

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