Wishing Mother Nature was on the payroll


Weather has always been an external uncontrollable factor for farmers across the world. Besides having plants in a greenhouse, weather impacts all of us in terms of agronomy, the markets, and the food we buy at the store. Lately, all of this unpredictable weather has reminded some of us that we can be the victims; however, sometimes one needs to put things in perspective.

This morning the CEO of United Airlines, Oscar Munoz was on CNBCs Squawk Box and he spoke about how the weather impacts the profitability of an airline. Weather is not a challenge that can be changed or controlled but it’s how you adjust that matters. He added something that stuck with me, “you cannot control what you cannot control,” and sometimes it would just be easier if mother nature was on the payroll.

If mother nature was on the payroll, at least you could reason with her less than motherly behavior. She would be accountable to the farmer and airline CEO instead of running roughshod all over our profits. Of course weather is completely out of anyones control so this is a silly notion, but it does make us keep into context how we need to react accordingly to the challenges.

Munoz continued by talking about how airlines need to focus on the decisions within their control by responding best to weather challenges that cause flight schedule disruption. He gave examples such as notifying passengers of schedule changes ahead of time and proactively changing schedules to lower chances of delays and backlogs.

This harvest there is increasing adversity on the horizon as temperatures drop and snow is intending to fall. Keep pushing to have multiple plans to deal with the weather as it is thrown your way. Like an airline, how you deal with the weather adversity is what can make or break your profitability.

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