'Beef brings people into the store': A surprising retail trend heading in to the holidays

Chances are, if you’re the cook in the family you might have looked at the grocery store flyer at some point before hosting people for a big meal — especially a holiday dinner. One person who looks at the flyers on a frequent basis is Kevin Grier, of Kevin Grier Marketing and consulting. Why you ask? He analyzes the front page to better learn what the grocery store is trying to push for the week to come.

Heading into the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, it may shock many to learn, beef was king when it came to the consumer push.

“I keep track of the front page of the flyers across Canada for my publication, the Boxed Beef Report, and it’s astounding. I track of them every single week, and for the first time — ever — and iIve been probably (tracking them) now for 15 (or more ) years, this is the first time ever where every single flyer had a beef item on the front page,” Grier says.

Usually consumers think turkey for the holidays, and although they had the bird on the page, prices for beef were a bit more attractive.

Grier says each week he typically picks a winner as thhe best bang for the consumer’s buck, but for the week leading up to Thanksgiving, he had a tough time deciding as there were so many beef deals to choose from.

“Prime rib across the country (for around) $5.87, $4.88 … some tenderloins for $8.88 .. I mean the prices (are there) for some excellent beef items across the country,” he says. “What does this tell us? It tells us beef brings people into the store.”

Listen to the full interview between Haney and Grier below about what the Thanksgiving holiday has taught us as consumers:

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