White out wreaks havoc on Manitoba harvest

Farmers across the Prairies have had to deal with some wacky weather this year. From little to virtually no moisture during seeding to a full on snow storm near the beginning of fall — Mother Nature has not been kind.

This past week in Manitoba, was a struggle for many as the snow came down in one big chunk.

Scott Kehler, chief scientist with Weatherlogics says it was a Colorado low that moved north into southern Manitoba along with parts of Ontario. The storm has brought in heavy snow, strong wind and even ice pellets.

“The storm started on Thursday in the south eastern part of the province, (it) had some rain mixed with snow at times, and then as you move a little farther west to the Red River valley, and south western Manitoba, there was already a fair bit of snow on Thursday then overnight into Friday morning, there’s some (snow mixed in with) ice pellets across and then as of Friday night things started to change back to snow for the most part,” Kehler explains.

This type of snow pellet/rain/snow storm system is quite rare according to Kehler. He went on to say the snow will stick around but not for long. Sadly, more snow is expected to fall throughout the day on Saturday, but as Sunday rolls around, the temperature should start to warm up and melt away the white stuff.

According to the Manitoba government, as of Saturday morning, 50 to 60 millimetres of precipitation fell in the southern and southeastern portions of the province.

Listen to the interview between Guse and Kehler below the following tweets:

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