Why aren't more farmers growing cannabis?

Barriers to entry are keeping the very people who should be growing cannabis out of the picture.

That’s one of the reasons cannabis professional reporter with The Globe and Mail Jameson Berkow is calling Canada’s first year of legalized cannabis a dud.

The verdict is in, and Year One of legalized cannabis in Canada was a dud

Berkow says that though there may have been some major successes in the change, there was this perspective that the passage of the Cannabis Act was all that was required. There was no real reference to the existing agriculture community in legalization discussions, and rules and regulations (and the time and money associated with compliance) have made it nearly impossible for most farmers to become involved.

In this excerpt from RealAg Radio, host Shaun Haney speaks to Berkow about the dud of a Year One, current regulations, if there’s a willingness to discuss further changes, and just how much of Canada’s cannabis crop is currently grown outdoors.

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