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Agritechnica is underway in Hannover, Germany and there have been many releases and reveals from companies across the world.

This farm show isn’t just the place where companies show off the latest innovations hitting the market, but it’s also where companies introduce concepts that test the edges of reality to spark imagination of the future. Some of these concepts become reality, for sure, but and some are left only to the imagination.

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At times it is difficult to digest all of the innovation at the week-long show, but it’s definitely fun to put all of the pieces together for the RealAgriculture audience. One of the ways you try to organize all your thoughts is to talk to other journalists and experts at the show to discuss and debate the trends developing at the show.

I was fortunate to be able to connect with Chad Colby, of This Week in Agri-Business, to get his reaction to some of the trends and key issues being raised at Agritechnica this year. We chat about the John Deere releases, the social media around twin rotor combines, electric drive machines, UAV spraying, the direction of autonomy and the possibility of autonomous machinery.

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